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Vet RecordContents: September 5 2009, Volume 165, Issue 10




S. Z. Barakzai, C. Finnegan, P. M. Dixon, M. H. Hillyer, and L. A. Boden
Use of tongue ties in thoroughbred racehorses in the United Kingdom, and its association with surgery for dorsal displacement of the soft palate
Vet Rec. 2009 165: 278-281.

R. C. Murray, T. S. Mair, C. E. Sherlock, and A. S. Blunden
Comparison of high-field and low-field magnetic resonance images of cadaver limbs of horses
Vet Rec. 2009 165: 281-288.


Short Communications:

L. Fox-Clipsham, J. E. Swinburne, R. I. Papoula-Pereira, A. S. Blunden, F. Malalana, D. C. Knottenbelt, and S. D. Carter
Immunodeficiency/anaemia syndrome in a Dales pony
Vet Rec. 2009 165: 289-290.

G. Kelmer and M. E. Hayes
Regional limb perfusion with erythromycin for treatment of septic physitis and arthritis caused by Rhodococcus equi
Vet Rec. 2009 165: 291-292.

A. G. Whittaker, K. J. Hughes, T. D. H. Parkin, and S. Love
Concentrations of dust and endotoxin in equine stabling
Vet Rec. 2009 165: 293-295.