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IconeAVEFDOPAGECommuniqué de la FEI à propos de la campagne FEI Clean Sport

Dear National Federations,

Dear Athletes Clubs,

Since the Clean Sport campaign was introduced in 2009, there has been a marked reduction in positive cases involving Banned (doping) Substances and an increase in education and awareness of the issues in our community.  However, the fight against doping will not stop and must be kept at the forefront of our minds and reinforced through ongoing Athlete education.  This is particularly important in an Olympic year when protecting the integrity of our sport is absolutely paramount.

You will find enclosed a summary of Prohibited Substances found in Horses in 2011.  As you can see, we had 13 cases involving Banned Substances detected in 2011 with 8 different Banned Substances found and 39 Controlled Medication cases in 2011 (most of which were eligible for the Fast Track procedure) arising from 13 different Controlled Medication substances.  (The Banned Substances are highlighted in the chart below.) 

We would very much appreciate your assistance in keeping your athletes, owners, trainers, grooms, veterinarians and other members of the equestrian community aware of our common efforts in our fight against doping.

Yours sincerely,

2011 Prohibited Substances Statistics FINAL